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Nutrismart® - Rapid Test for Food Intolerance

Nutrismart® - Rapid Test for Food Intolerance

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Product Code: DST79770001

NutriSMART® is a quick and easy rapid test for food intolerance, and only needs a few drops of capillary (finger stick) blood.  Its innovative design ensures the blood sample and reagents are retained in the device so the test can be carried out almost anywhere making it a practical and hygienic addition to your services. There is no need for additional equipment as results can be read with the naked eye - everything you need is provided in the test kit.

‘Food intolerance’ or non-allergic hypersensitivity is a body’s response after consuming certain foods.  Symptoms are multifaceted and can appear within a few hours or even days after the consumption of the food.  This makes it difficult for the healthcare professional and the patient to identify the food or foods responsible for the symptoms.  Symptoms can include but are not limited to bloating, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, headache, rashes etc. 

There is no conclusive test for food intolerance and diagnosis is still a challenge.  However, correlations between food intolerance and increased concentrations of food specific IgG4 have been reported1,2,3. NutriSMART® is a semi-quantitative immunoassay that measures food-specific IgG4 in blood.  The test has been developed by one of Europe’s leading diagnostic specialists, DST, as a support tool to identify the possible food or foods responsible for the symptoms of food intolerance. 

Important notes

To be used by trained healthcare or fitness/sport professionals.  Food intolerance test results should always be interpreted by a trained healthcare professional along with patient’s medical history.  This is an in vitro screening tool to support and enable diagnosis.  It is not intended as a diagnostic tool.  This NutriSMART® Point of Care system semi-quantitatively measures food specific IgG4.


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Highly Efficient

  • A time-saving procedure for you and your patient
  • Hygienic – blood sample and reagents are retained in the device
  • Suitable for adults, pregnant women, and children over the age of 5-years old
  • Covers 90% of the common foods consumed in the EU

NutriSMART® tests for 57 of the most common foods in just 30 minutes using a 50 μL finger-prick blood.  Its innovative design ensures the blood sample and reagents are retained in the device so the test can be carried out almost anywhere.

Patient Report Generating Tool

The website www.nutrismart-report.com is a patient report generating tool that supports healthcare professionals (e.g. physicians, natural practitioners, dietitians) in discussing results generated by NutriSMART®.

Uploading patient results enables the website to generate a NutriSMART® patient report as a downloadable PDF file. The NutriSMART® report contains graphical interpretation of the test results in the form of a traffic light system, general information regarding the tested foods and food components, food intolerances and some general diet recommendations.


Test Kit Includes

  • NutriSMART® Assay Device
  • Reagent Rack containing 9 colour coded vials
  • Blood sampling pouch containing – Disinfection swab, lancet, sterile gauze, blood sampling 50 µL capillary with lithium heparin, plaster, syringe
  • Instructions for use
  • Evaluation sheet

Sample Type

  • Capillary whole blood from the fingertip, from earlobes or heels (in case of infants)

Type of measurement

  • Semi- Quantitative

Sample size/volume

  • 50 µL

Testing Time

  • 30 minutes


  • 2 – 8 °C Until expiry date

Operating Temperature

  • Room Temperature (18 – 30 °C)
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