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Rapi-D Vitamin D Test

Rapi-D Vitamin D Test

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Product Code: VitD1155Q-25

Rapi-D Vitamin D test is a quantitative immunochromatography based one step in-vitro test. It is designed for the quantitative determination of total 25- hydraxy Vitamin D (25-OH vitamin D) in finger stick blood. This assay provides a preliminary diagnostic test result and can be used for screening of Vitamin D deficiency.

Rapi-D™ Quantitative Vitamin D Test utilises the principle of Immunochromatography, a unique two-site “Sandwich” immunoassay on a membrane. The test employs a very “Exclusive” pair of anti-25-OH Vitamin D Monoclonal Antibodies; one conjugated with colloidal gold and another one immobilized on the solid phase. This will selectively detect Vitamin D with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.

As the test sample flows through the membrane assembly within the test device, the coloured anti-25-OH Vitamin D-colloidal gold conjugate complexes with 25-OH Vitamin D from the sample. This complex moves further on the membrane by the capillary action to the test region (T) where it is immobilized by another anti-25-OH Vitamin D coated on the membrane, leading to formation of a pink / purple coloured band, which confirms a positive test results. The intensity of coloured band in the test line region is 25-OH Vitamin D concentration-dependent, higher the concentration of 25-OH Vitamin D in the tested sample, the stronger the coloured band is. A control line is present in the test window to work as procedural control.

Important notes

To be used by trained healthcare professionals. This is an in vitro screening tool to support and enable diagnosis.


Highly Efficient

  • Lab grade Vitamin D test with just 10 μL of finger stick blood
  • Quick quantitative results in 15 minutes
  • Simple, convenient and easy to interpret
  • Detection range 4 ng/ml -100 ng/ml
  • Detects both Vitamin D2 and D3
  • Easy storage and handling

Clinical Significance

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone responsible for enhancing intestinal absorption of calcium and the regulation of its homeostasis. The two common forms of Vitamin D are Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. Vitamin D deficiency is now recognized as a global epidemic. Virtually every cell in our body has receptors for Vitamin D, meaning that they all require “Sufficient” Level of Vitamin D for adequate functioning. Therefore, now detecting (25-OH) Vitamin D level is considered as “Medically Necessary Screening Test” and maintaining sufficient levels not just to improve bone health, but to improve overall health and well-being.


Test Kit Includes

  • Rapi-D™ Quantitative Vitamin D Test device (Kit Size: 25 Tests/Box)
  • Sample Buffer (One Bottle of 6ml in 25 Tests/Box)
  • UniSampler™ Device (25 Devices in 25 Tests/Box)
  • RFID Card – 1
  • Instructions for use - 1

Sample Type

  • Capillary whole blood from the fingertip

Type of Measurement

  • Quantitative

Sample size/volume

  • 10 µL

Testing Time

  • 15 minutes


  • 4 – 30 °C Until expiry date

Operating Temperature

  • Room Temperature (15 – 30 °C)

User Guide

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